Your Learning Outcomes

  • Organize and structure your work routines especially in a hybrid/remote setting to improve your resilience and wellbeing

  • Understand how listening and communication can help you increase wellbeing and reduce conflicts.

  • Practice how to motivate and influence your team and/or your colleagues to improve resilience and wellbeing in your place of work

  • Learn to apply The DO Method to create impact in improving your and others’ resilience and wellbeing

Facts and figures

What's in it for you?

  • Get DOing

    Approach the course topic through a real challenge in your work life and will learn how to find and implement solutions to it.

  • Learn from peers

    Benefit from cohort-based learning and connect with a community of like-minded peers

  • Focus on skills

    Build relevant skills to further your career and apply new tools and frameworks to take action

  • Tailor your learning

    Combine self-paced learning with live class participation to stay flexible while still being held accountable

  • Join a global community

    Become part of a global community of DOers who are asking the same questions as you and are eager to create solutions together.

  • Experienced Facilitators and Experts

    What makes our courses so successful are the people behind them. They share their experience with you and are there for all your questions.

People from the world's leading companies are learning with The DO School

Expert Input

“I’ve spent the last 5 decades learning from people all over the world how they maintain their resilience and how they resolve conflict. The pandemic has brought up an epidemic of loneliness and conflict and difficulties in families and in work environments and we need to amass all the skills we have learned to help us deal with these problems and this course is exactly what is needed now”

Scilla Elworthy, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, will provide exclusively recorded expert insight on resilience and wellbeing at work.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course

    • Familiarize yourself with our way of working and the tools we will use.

    • Meet your fellow learners in our online community.

    • Learn at you own pace and start DOing as soon as possible and create positive impact.

    • Skills-based entry assessment

  • 2

    Onboarding and situation analysis (Week 1)

    • First live facilitated session: onboarding and introduction.

    • Together we will dive into The DO Method and start to practice problem analysis

    • In your own time you can access exclusive resources and deepen your understanding.

  • 3

    Creativity and focus (Week 2)

    • Second live session: apply and discuss different approaches with your peers and share best practices on the course theme.

    • Now we move from problem understanding to practicing with ideation tools and techniques.

    • In our online community you will continue to exchange, document your progress and access inspiring resources.

    • Together with other learners you’ll start the peer coaching process.

  • 4

    Preparation for DOing (Week 3)

    • Third live session: you will be equipped with techniques that help you to prototype and test your ideas and make a plan towards application and implementation.

    • Week three kicks off the planning and DOing phases. We move towards creating impact and taking action.

  • 5

    DOing in practice (Week 4)

    • In week four we focus on real world DOing, application and getting early feedback from stakeholders.

    • Peer coaching and online community will continue to provide support and ideas while our facilitators are offering additional guidance at ‘check-in times’.

    • Additional exclusive resources support your progress and help you to stay motivated.

  • 6

    Creating first impact (Week 5)

    • Optional Check-In session with your fellow intrapreneurs and facilitators

    • In week five we focus on real world DOing, application and getting early feedback from stakeholders.

    • Peer coaching and online community will continue to provide support and ideas while our facilitators are offering additional guidance at ‘check-in times’.

    • Additional exclusive resources support your progress and help you to stay motivated.

  • 7

    Feedback, role out and graduation (Week 6)

    • Fourth live online session: receive feedback from peers, share best practices and learn about creating long-term impact.

    • In six weeks you have networked, learned, and practiced The DO method to create impact in your topic area.

  • 8

    Post Course

    • After an online graduation ceremony in week 6 you will receive your certificate.

    • Our online community will remain accessible to you after graduation so you can continue to network with fellow intrapreneurs and stay involved.

    • Participate in skill-based post assessment to measure development

Get access to the full course curriculum here!

Meet Your Program Leaders

Senior Program Manager at The DO School

Hauke Stachow

Hauke is a seasoned designer and facilitator with extensive experience in the sports-, consulting- and energy industry and holds a degree in economics from Leuphana University. He has built and led thriving L&D teams and has facilitated major leadership development globally. Hauke’s experience as external consultant and internal HR and Talent expert equip him with an ability to shift perspectives easily and thus create impact learning experiences.

Founder and MD of The DO School

Katherin Kirschenmann

Katherin Kirschenmann is founder and Chief Program Officer of The DO School. In the past years she has built and worked in partnerships with major institutions and corporations, including IKEA, H&M, the Deutsche Bahn, Unilever, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and various UN organizations. She draws on her wide international experience across sectors to develop new ways to co-create innovation, develop Purposeful DOers, and impact entrepreneurs.

Senior Program Manager at The DO School

Angelique Hinz

Angelique is an innovation strategist and marketing professional with international experience across various industries. Angelique started her career in product development and global/ local brand marketing in the CPG industry in New York City. As an innovation strategist she brought experimental change, strategy and invention to Fortune 500 companies.

Course times

Live sessions

While you will be part of a cohort of participants during your course, we offer three time options for all live sessions to accommodate our global community of participants. The course contents stay the same which is why you will also be able to pick different timeslots from week to week.

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